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150-004 Atlas Fantastic Layouts Booklet HO and N Scale Layout Ideas

Revised Edition
150-006 Atlas Intro To N Scale Model Railroading

Layouts: N1 to N9

Skill Level: Beginners
150-007 Atlas Nine N Scale Railroads

Layouts: N10 to N18

Skill Level: Beginners/Intermediate
150-009 Atlas Beginner's Guide to HO Model Railroading

Layouts: HO1 to HO12

Skill Level: Beginners
150-011 Atlas HO Layouts For Every Space

Layouts: HO13 to HO23

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
150-012 Atlas The Complete Atlas Wiring Book

For All Scales and Skill Levels.
150-013 Atlas Step-by-Step HO Railroads

Layouts: HO24 to HO30

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
150-014 Atlas King-Size HO Railroads

Layouts: HO31 to HO36

Skill Level: Advanced
150-015 Atlas Blueprints for Ten True-Track Layouts

Layouts: TT1 to TT10

Skill Level: Beginner
400-1001 Model Railroader Cyclopedia Vol 1: Steam Locomotives - Softcover

400-1033 Model Railroader Cyclopedia Vol 2: Diesel Locomotives - Softcover

400-1051 Guide to North American Steam Locomotives - Softcover

400-1073 American Shortline Railway Guide - Softcover

400-1097 Guide to North American Railroad Hot Spots 208 Pages - Softcover

400-12012 101 Track Plans for Model Railroaders - Softcover 72 Pages

400-12101 Model Railroad Bridges and Trestles - Softcover

400-12121 HO Railroad From Start to Finish - Softcover (Beginners)

400-12132 48 Top-Notch Track Plans From Model Railroader - Softcover

400-12136 How to Build Dioramas, 2nd Edition 144 Pages

400-12141 A Realistic HO Layout For Beginners

400-12145 N Scale Model Railroad That Grows - Softcover

400-12148 Track Planning for Realistic Operation, Third Edition

400-12173 How To Use An Airbrush - Softcover 96 Pages

400-12175 How To Build Model Railroad Benchwork 2nd Edition - Softcover

400-12194 Scenery for Your Model Railroad From Backdrop to Tabletop - Softcover 80 Pages

400-12197 Basic Model Railroading: Getting Started in the Hobby

400-12204 Building City Scenery for Your Model Railroad

400-12205 N Scale Model Railroading: Getting Started In The Hobby - 104 Pages

400-12207 Easy Model Railroad Wiring, Second Edition - 128 Pages

400-12210 Maintaining and Repairing Your Scale Model Trains - 80 Pages

400-12212 Basic Wiring for Model Railroaders - Softcover 80 Pages

400-12216 How To Build Realistic Model Railroad Scenery, 3rd Edition - Softcover

400-12217 Garden Railroading: Getting Started in the Hobby - 144 Pages

400-12220 Basics of Ship Modeling: The Illustrated Guide - 112 Pages

400-12221 Steam Locomotives and Project Ideas - 80 Pages, 100 Color and 50 BW Photos

400-12228 The Model Railroader's Guide To Locomotive Servicing Terminals - 80 Pages

400-12231 Realistic Model Railroad Operation - Softcover 96 Pages

400-12233 Basic Scenery For Model Railroaders - Softcover 96 Pages

400-12234 Trackside Scenes You Can Model - 80 Pages, 80 Color and 20 BW Photos

400-12235 Trackside and Lineside Detailing

400-12236 Project Railroads You Can Build - Softcover, 80 Pages

400-12237 Basic Model Railroad Track Plans - Softcover 64 Pages

400-12238 Classic Railroads You Can Model - Softcover 104 Pages

400-12241 Basic Model Railroad Benchwork: The Complete Photo Guide - Softcover 48 Pages

400-12242 DCC Made Easy - Softcover 48 Pages, 100 Color Photos

400-12243 The New Scenery Tips and Techniques - Softcover 104 Pages

400-12244 The Model Railroader's Guide To Passenger Equipment and Operations

400-12245 Mid-Sized and Manageable Track Plans 88 Pages, 50 Color Photos, 30 Illustrations

400-12246 HO Scale Model Railroading 96 Pages, 200 Color Photos, 25 Illustrations

400-12247 Basic Painting and Weathering for Model Railroaders 80 Pages, 250 Color Photos

400-12248 The Model Railroader's Guide To Freight Yards - Softcover, 80 Pages

400-12249 How To Build and Detail Model Railroad Scenes - Softcover 88 Pages

400-12250 Realistic Model Railroad Design - Softcover, 96 pages, 150 Color Photos

400-12251 The Basics of Scale Modeling - Softcover, 80 Pages

400-12254 Basic Track Work For Model Railroaders - Softcover, 88 Pages, 250 Color Photos

400-12256 The Model Railroader's Guide Tto Industries Along The Tracks - 80 Pages

400-12257 Modeler's Guide To Realistic Painting and Finishing - Softcover 80 Pages

400-12258 Basic Structure Modeling For Model Railroaders - Softcover, 88 Pages

400-12259 Easy Scale Modeling Booklet - Softcover, 16 Pages

400-12401 Easy Model Railroading Booklets - Booklet 1 - Tables For Your Trains

400-12402 Easy Model Railroading Booklets - Booklet 2 - Tips On Track

400-12403 Easy Model Railroading Booklets - Booklet 3 - Wiring Basics

400-12404 Easy Model Railroading Booklets - Booklet 4 - Simple Scenery

400-12405 Realistic Model Railroad Building Blocks - Softcover, 96 Pages

400-12406 How To Design and Build Your Garden Railroad - Softcover 96 Pages

400-12407 DCC Projects and Applications - Softcover, 88 Pages, 150 Color Photos

400-12408 The Model Railroader's Guide To Junctions - Softcover, 88 Pages

400-12409 The Model Railroader's Guide to Industries Along the Tracks 2 - Softcover

400-12410 Planning Scenery For Your Model Railroad - Softcover 96 Pages

400-12412 Basic Wiring For Model Railroaders, 2nd Edition

400-12413 Easy Model Railroading Booklets - Basic Buildings

400-12414 Easy Model Railroading Booklets - Get Started In N Scale

400-12415 Get Started In Garden Railroading - Softcover 16 Pages

400-12416 Mountain To Desert: Building The HO Scale Danville and Donner River, 96 Pages

400-12417 The DCC Guide by Don Fiehmann - Softcover 80 Pages

400-12418 Building A Model Railroad Step By Step - Softcover 112 Pages

400-12419 Shelf Layouts For Model Railroads By Iain Rice

400-12420 Detailing Freight Cars - Softcover 88 Pages

400-12421 Detailing Diesel Locomotives - Softcover 88 Pages

400-12422 The Model Railroader's Guide To Industries Along The Tracks 3 - Softcover

400-12423 The Model Railroader's Guide To Logging Railroads - Softcover 80 Pages

400-12424 Mid-Size Track Plans For Realistic Layouts

400-12425 Painting Backdrops For Your Model Railroad

400-12426 How To Use An Airbrush, Second Edition

400-12434 Designing and Building Multi-Deck Model Railroads

400-12450 The Model Railroader's Guide To Freight Cars - Softcover, 96 Pages

400-12452 The Model Railroader's Guide To Bridges, Trestles and Tunnels - Softcover

400-12453 The Model Railroader's Guide To Coal Railroading

400-12456 Modeling The '50s - The Glory Years Of Rail - Softcover 88 Pages

400-62083 Faces Of Railroading - Hardcover, 160 Pages, 160 Black and White Photos

400-62326 Gorgeous Garden Railways - Softcover, 144 Pages, 135 Color Photos


Second Edition -- by William A. Cannon.
This book provides instructions for casting small parts using proven methods, with updated chapters on the technology of polyurethane rubber casting. Learn what materials and equipment to use, to design and make molds, repair castings, correct defects, grinding and buffing. Illustrated with tips to organize your workshop, costs, sources of materials and supplies. 168 pages.

By Douglas E. Walsh.
An illustrated guide to small scale vacuum forming you can do at home without special skills and little equipment. 8 chapters have all you need to make car bodies, airplane parts and boat hulls, with photos, helpful tables, and a list for equipment and supplies. 129 pages.

Informative booklet explains how to make molds and successfully cast small metal parts.

By Tim McCreight
This is the only book you will ever need on metalworking. Its concise format covers materials, chemical coloring, surfaces, shaping, joining, casting, cutting, heat treating and tools, with hundreds of illustrations. The spiral binding allows the book to lay flat and occupy less space on your workbench. 200 pages.

Shirt-Pocket Technical Manual is Small in Size, But Big in Information. This is one of the most valuable reference books we've ever found: 768 pages loaded with tables, maps, formulas and conversion tables, plus specifications for hardware, glue, materials, carpentry, wiring, plumbing, motors, tools, electronics, and more! Perfect bound; 3-1/4 inches x 5-1/2 inches.
785-1207 Woodland Scenics The Scenery Manual (revised 2007)

This is the latest version of the most popular scenery manual available. This spiral-bound Scenery Manual has various tips, techniques, ideas and instructions for using more than 600 Woodland Scenics products. Anyone can make beautiful, realistic scenery, and this manual will show you how. The manual contains 144 pages with hundreds of full-color photos and illustrations. ©1994, 2001 and 2006



Video Teaches You Model Structure Painting and Weathering.
In this video, expert modeler Dave Frary demonstrates his proven techniques so you, too, can create prize winning finishes on model structures. Dave teaches you to:
•Select, mix and prepare paints for brush and airbrush application
•Apply paints to plastic, plaster, urethane and wood models.
•Stain walls, stonework and trim.
•Master airbrush painting.
•Weather your model with paint.
•Clean and care for brushes.
•Select and use compressors.
•Store paint properly.
•Clean and care for airbrushes.
Included with video are paint mixing formulas and a list of required tools and materials. 60 minutes.

Easy Weathering Techniques Using Brush and Airbrush
Dave Frary and Bob Hayden show you how to weather rolling stock, motive power, structures and track. By following their step-by-step techniques, you will find it easy to master the art of adding dirt, water streaks and rust to your models. Topics covered: using dry pastel powders, mixing and using an alcohol wash, mixing and using an oil stain, dry brushing, using commercial weathering products, duplicating the prototype, airbrush weathering, weathering flextrack and much more! Includes a Quick Reference card listing the tools and materials used, mixing formulas, and suppliers. 60 minutes.

Advanced Techniques for Realistic Scenery...a DVD by Paul Scoles
Look over Paul Scoles' shoulder as he adds scenery to his well-known Sn3 layout, the Pelican Bay Railway and Navigation Company. Watch and listen as he makes and colors rock castings, adds ground cover and makes trees. Paul develops a townsite, dirt roads and other scenery, plus takes you on a tour of this truly fantastic model railroad. Beginners and experts alike will learn a great deal from one of the hobby's finest scenery builders. 126 minutes.

Video Teaches You How to Make Model Waterways
In this video, scenery experts Bob Hayden and Dave Frary demonstrate the techniques they use to build great looking water for model railroads, village collections and military dioramas. You'll learn which colors make the best looking water, and how to use gloss medium, acrylic gloss gel and clear epoxy coatings to make ponds, streams, rivers, waterfalls and ocean waterfronts. 65 minute.

Advanced Techniques for Realistic Scenery, Volume 2. by Paul Scoles
Look over Paul Scoles' shoulder as he adds scenery to his well-known Sn3 layout, the Pelican Bay Railway and Navigation Company. In this continuation of the series, Paul goes on to describe how to do a cut and fill, make a talus slope, a streambed, pour resin water and much more. Beginners and experts alike will learn a great deal from one of the hobby's finest scenery builders. 117 minutes.

Set includes both of Paul Scoles excellent DVDs, 83761 and 84111.
Over 4 hours of informative, inspiring material at a special money-saving combo price.

Video Shows You How to Run Your Trains Realistically.
You're invited to join veteran modeler Paul Scoles and his crew as they operate his fabulous Pelican Bay and Navigation Company model railroad. In this video, Paul thoroughly explains how to use Micro-Mark train orders, waybills, schedules and a fast clock to reproduce authentic railroad operations in miniature.

Instructional Video for Making Molds and Castings with Micro-Mark Casting Materials
Dave Frary and Hal Reynolds reveal their expert, yet easy to master, techniques for making patterns and molds using Micro-Mark silicone rubber. You’ll learn how to mix and pour different types of casting resin to get perfect results every time. Includes instructions for painting and finishing your castings. 60 minutes.

An Inside Look at Model Train Manufacturing.
Beginners and experts alike will enjoy this exciting video tour of one of the world's largest model train factories. You'll see every aspect of the production process: engineering, molding, painting, lettering, assembly, electronics, testing and packaging. "How Model Trains are Made" is a fascinating video that should be a part of every railroad enthusiast's collection.

VHS Tapes


The New England Berkshire Western of the Rensselaer Model Railroad Society at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is truly a world class HO layout. On board shots from the cab, and from the top of a boxcar will add to your enjoyment of this superb layout. You'll seen scenes the builders of this railroad have never seen before. The era is the early 50's. The country and the railroads are at full capacity; the NEB&W is swept along with this burgeoning economy. The line's people and equipment are overworked. Dispatchers try to cram as much traffic as they can on the single track main. Steam still reigns on the NEB&W although diesels are nosing into the roundhouse. These indeed are good years. You'll follow the hotshot milk train from one end of railroad to the other as it meets other trains and does some switching. Dispatchers make sure this train has the right of way. Some of today's most talented modelers have built this 124x33 foot layout. John Nehrich, Jeff English, and Todd Sullivan will show you some of the special techniques that they used. You're sure to get helpful ideas and inspiration as you enjoy this exciting program.
AKV-05 Don Cassler's M&K Division of the B&O (VHS)

Don Cassler's M&K Division of the B&O railroad is well-known for its mountain countryside and smoothing running locomotives. This HO layout is home base for a group of modelers who will show you the secrets of locomotive chain drive, scratchbuilt tools, and super-detailed freight cars. This is a railfan's railroad. Here is a place for watching long trains with helpers slug it out on mountainous grades, snake through interlockings on the line's many junctions, and drift by some of the most beautiful HO scenery ever built. The M&K is the result of 20 years of work by Don and an informal group of his friends. The level of track detail on the M&K has seldom been attempted in model form. The group has even modeled the rodding for an Armstrong interlocking tower. And because the line has so many junctions, the signal system actually works and is used during all operating sessions. Great photography is what you expect from the Great Model Railroad Series. And that's what you get in Vol. 5! Low angles, pacing, creative angles and on-board shots. It's all here for you to enjoy!
AKV-06 Dick Elwell's Hoosac Valley Railroad (VHS)

Dick Elwell's Hoosac Valley is a bridge route that interchanges with the Boston & Albany, the Delaware & Hudson, the New Haven and the New York Central. The HO railroad features magnificent New England scenery with lots of rivers and forested mountains. Dick will show you his method for making super-detailed foreground trees. That skill at detailing carries over to the layout's many mini-scenes. These are life-like vignettes that tell a story of a slower era. You'll tour the 40x26 foot Hoosac Valley from one end of the layout to the other behind a GP-7, and then an RS-1. You'll go on board to enjoy a beautiful looking and operating railroad that Dick and his friends have created with exquisitely weathered structures and rolling stock. The 31 year old Hoosac Valley has kept up with changes in the hobby by adding radio control throttles and walkaround design. Although the mainline has changed very little over the years, the scenery itself has been re-done 3 times as new methods came into the hobby. Some changes in the trackplan required more space, so Dick used a practical approach to negotiate for additional right- of-way. You'll be inspired as Dick recounts some of his early pitfalls as a beginner in 1959. And you'll enjoy knowing that this layout evolved from an idea on a piece of paper into a Great Model Railroad.
AKV-07 Harry Clark's Indian Creek Valley Railroad (VHS)

Harry Clark's Indian Creek Valley Railroad is one of the most incredibly built model railroads you'll ever see. The layout is 22 feet deep with fabulous panoramic views and clearly shows the craftsmanship and artistry of its builder. The HO railroad features mountain scenery with 1,000s of inexpensive, scratchbuilt trees that Harry will show you how to make. Harry will also demonstrate for you some of the scratchbuilding structure techniques he's developed after 50 years as a carpenter. His rock casting method is on a grand scale, huge molds that cover 6 square feet at a time. You'll tour the 22x50 foot Indian Creek Valley with doubleheaded steam. You'll go on-board to experience scenic vistas that most of us can only dream of having. The 15 year old Indian Creek combines backwoods logging with a Class 1 B&O 3 track main. The division point yard is over 40 feet long. In fact everything on this layout is big-from the articulated EM-1s to the Cass sawmill with real water in the log pond. Harry models the peak years of railroading 1940-1955 with long, long trains gliding gracefully through broad curves and up 2% mountainous grades. Harry has molded all these elements into a truly Great Model Railroad.
AKV-10 The N Scale Cumberland Valley System of Bill and Wayne Reid (VHS)

The Cumberland Valley System of Bill and Wayne Reid is undoubtedly the most famous N scale layout ever built. The Reid brothers have taken a 22X40 foot area and built a railroad that not only looks fabulous but runs with the reliability of the larger scales. You'll learn some of their methods for obtaining this level of performance. The CVS is actually a system of 5 railroads-the Western Maryland, the Pennsylvania, the Norfolk & Western, the Reading and the B&O. Only the WM and the Pennsy are fully modeled, the other roads provide interchange traffic and operating interest. Bill and Wayne have designed the layout so the scenery dominates the trains thus creating a feeling of distance. They'll show you tips for tracklaying, rock carving, and kitbashing structures. Bill and Wayne enjoy working on and sharing this layout with each other; both contribute expertise and ideas. In fact their interest in model railroading is a common bond they enjoy sharing with others. The two brothers are prophetic proponents for the on- going improvements in N scale. The Reids have modified the layout over the years to improve operation. They've never been afraid to use new techniques or to rip out completed sections. In the process they've created a Great Model Railroad.
AKV-11 W. Allen McClelland's Virginian and Ohio (VHS)

The Virginian & Ohio of W. Allen McClelland needs little introduction to long-time model railroaders. This world class railroad is always included in the list of legendary layouts. Careful planning and fidelity to the prototype are two of the reasons for its fame. This Master Model Railroader has built more than a Great Model Railroad; he has built a following among fellow modelers because of his innovations-walkaround operation/design, interchange with other railroads beyond the basement, the good enough philosophy, and pioneering command control work. By listening to Allen you'll learn that challenging the conventional hobby wisdom of the 1960's was not easy. At times his ideas for prototype design and creating a railroad that did work by actually traveling between two points were considered revolutionary. Allen shows you his weathering and car distressing techniques, and a new method for building open car loads. These techniques stem from his overall philosophy that no facet of the hobby outshines any other. All aspects of the hobby must blend into a cohesive package. Like a real railroad, the 31-year-old V&O, stays current. New operating ideas, track arrangements, and time periods are part of the railroad's continuing growth.
AKV-12 Howard Zane's Piermont Divison of the Western Maryland (VHS)

The Piermont Divison of the Western Maryland is Howard Zane's beautifully scenicked and detailed model of a West Virginia coal hauler. This layout, a window into the past, evokes fond memories of a different time in America. You'll enjoy railfanning this layout set in 1955, and recalling or learning about that era. Howard is one of the partners in the Great Scale Train Shows, and he knows this hobby..from brass collecting to scratchbuilding. His skills as an industrial/architectural designer let him build a super-detailed city or landscape a gorgeous rural scene from a plan that's never put on paper. This free form approach to the hobby has resulted in a railroad that is 3-D art. Structures, signals, and trees are selected and placed for color and aesthetic enhancement. Howard loves to share the hobby. He and his friends will show you techniques for building spline roadbed, maintaining locomotives, and painting a scene with ground cover. You'll also get a close-up explanation of the incredible amount of detail on this layout. This Great Model Railroad is one of the hobby's landmark artistic achievements. It is one of the few layouts with such close attention to period detail.
AKV-13 Gil Freitag's Stony Creek and Western (VHS)

The Stony Creek & Western is the work of master structure builder, Gil Freitag. Gil has won many, many NMRA National Contests for his scratchbuilt creations, and you'll learn some of his successful techniques. This Master Model Railroader believes in prototype operation. So the layout and equipment perform flawlessly on handlaid track. His Santa Fe and Denver & Rio Grande Western trains operate over and through beautifully colored Colorado scenery. The HO scale SC&W has been changed, expanded and updated so many times that Gil has lost track. When a better idea for operation comes along Gil is never afraid to rip out entire sections and improve them. He's not afraid to try new aspects of the hobby including a computer that keeps track of all cars and generates switchlists. Gil will show you how to build your own electro-magnetic uncoupling ramps, and how to make scenic landforms using sand instead of plaster. The 26-year-old SC&W is a Great Model Railroad because of its superb operation, gorgeous scenery, and award-winning structures.
AKV-14 Tony Koester's Allegheny Midland Railroad (VHS)

The Allegheny Midland of Tony Koester is an operations oriented railroad that hauls coal through Virginia and West Virginia. Although based on the Nickel Plate and the C&O, Tony refers to his style as prototype freelancing. The HO scale Allegheny Midland has changed era at least 5 times. Tony has now settled on 1958 while steam still reigns in the mountains. Elaborately painted first generation diesels are making inroads. This careful attention to history is evident throughout the layout because Tony really enjoys historical research. An Appalachian railroad needs thousands of trees and lots of tunnels. Tony will show you how to make these elements quickly and realistically. He'll also explain methods of modifying common plastic kits into one-of-a-kind structures. He has succeeded in making the Allegheny Midland a believable railroad that follows standard prototype operating rules. The Allegheny Midland is a Great Model Railroad because of the "Trains of Thought" that its builder has put into it. Tony, the former editor of Railroad.
AKV-22 Roger Russell's THREE Narrow Gauge Layouts (VHS)

Roger Russell does narrow gauge modeling in a big way. He has three layouts-the Sn3 Denver Rio Grande & Southern, the On3 Colorado & Southern and the 3/8"n3 Russell Creek Lumber Company. Roger has won Best of Show awards and numerous 1st Place Prizes at National Narrow Gauge Conventions in the past few years. He's a fast builder who believes in combining scales to get the right look. In fact he says he likes all scales. Maybe that's why he builds in three different scales. The Sn3 DRG&S features an interchange with the Denver & Rio Grande Western and the Rio Grande Southern. It's a mining and logging line that showcases Durango with its famed roundhouse and depot. The DRG&S was the first of his layouts and is probably his favorite because of the Colorado scenery that reminds him of the first time he saw steam in the high country. Roger's three railroads are the result of his fascination with Colorado narrow gauge and the surrounding scenery. In fact scenery is his main emphasis because it ties everything together. Roger is not afraid to just plunge in and begin a project. After all you can always re-do it if you don't like it. You'll learn about Roger's scenery and detailing methods, forced perspective, modifications to switchstands, combining different scales, and tweaking locomotives for maximum performance. All of the items on Roger's layouts are kitbashed or scratchbuilt. This contest quality modeling has resulted in three Great Model Railroads.
AKV-24 George Sellios' Franklin & South Manchester Part 2 (VHS)

This is Part 2 of George Sellios' fabulous Franklin & South Manchester, the most famous model railroad in the world! This is our second video devoted to the F&SM. The first was Great Model Railroads, Vol. 2 covering the large urban buildings in the city of Manchester. Vol. 24 covers the new areas of Dovertown and Bedford Falls. Dovertown is similar to Manchester with massive buildings, but Bedford Falls is a small town with 2 or 3 story wooden buildings. At Big Falls trestle the scenery goes all the way to the floor! In these areas George continued his method of just building with limited planning. This procedure seems to work well for him because that's how he designs his kits for Fine Scale Miniatures. The F&SM represents an imaginary line in 1930s Massachusetts. George considers the HO layout his full-time job and works on it for many hours every day. Like his idol John Allen, George will continue to devote most of his waking hours to the railroad. George, Mike Tylick and Paul Saulenas offer clinics on detailing yards, weathering rolling stock, and modifying FSM kits. George has created the F&SM as a fantasy world of model railroading with an exaggerated emphasis on detailing. He doesn't try to capture any particular prototype locomotive or building. Instead he goes for the overall effect. George's whole life is tied up with the hobby. Most everything he does revolves around model railroading in one way or another. He has created a "Great Model Railroad" because of his extraordinary skill, and a marvelous eye for color, texture and form.
AKV-29 Chuck Hitchcock's Argentine Division of the Santa Fe Railway (VHS)

Chuck Hitchcock's Argentine Division of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe is a railfan's dream come true! As a young man in the 1950's, Chuck fell under the spell of heavy traffic at Holiday, Kansas. Here, two districts become one, heading to Kansas City's huge Argentine Yard. Chuck dreamed of creating a model railroad based on this spot. This is big-time granger railroading, with 50 trains a day running on fully signalled CTC track. Chuck has also made a serious study of passenger train operations, and is particularly interested in the great name trains of 1953. This model railroad was started in 1972, and has been continually upgraded, improved and modified. Chuck's railroad is one of the best running layouts I've ever seen. Smooth trackwork, clean wheels and a finished layout room. It all adds up to a Great Model Railroad!
AKV-32 THE Model Railroad Club of Union, New Jersey (VHS)

THE Model Railroad Club of Union, New Jersey is a legend in the hobby and has provided over 50 years of innovation and enjoyment for its members and the public. The HO railroad is probably the largest club layout in the country. When the expansions are completed, the layout will be 70 x 140 feet with 500 locomotives! The current HO layout is 40 x 40 feet and is based on the railroads that served the industries and commuters of New Jersey. The main railroad is the Hudson, Delaware and Ohio. It interchanges with the Rahway River Railroad and the Trenton Northern, an electric interurban line. The club is located on land owned by the Union County Division of Parks and Recreation. The building was constructed by club members and was given to the county in exchange for permanent occupancy. Paul Mallery, one of the hobby's pioneers, created the concept for the original club in his basement where the club met until the land became available. Paul, a prolific model railroad author, reminisces about the early days of the hobby and the club. Other club members will show you about Centralized Traffic Control, magnetic waybills, super trees, floating turnout points and installing trolley wire. This club is run like a business, with industrial quality components installed throughout the layout. Reliability, prototypical operation and informality are important to this Great Model Railroad!
AKV-38 Allen Keller's "Bluff City Southern" (VHS)

Allen Kellerís Bluff City Southern is set in the area around Memphis of 1950 when cotton was king. He models 5 railroads- Illinois Central, Frisco, L&N, Missouri Pacific and Southern-that helped make the city a major distribution center for the Mid-South. The HO scale BCS is filled with deep scenes that are highly detailed. Allen tries to embellish the interesting qualities of a scene while de-emphasizing the dull parts. Layout construction began in 1997 and now the railroad runs from staging in Greenville, Mississippi through Memphis to staging in Forrest City, Arkansas. Later a line will be added to run to Jackson, Tennessee. The railroad and its scenes are a way for Allen to re-capture his childhood in Memphis of the 1950s. The BCS features a seldom modeled area of the country, the Delta lands of the Mid-South. This relatively flat scenery presents an artistic challenge that is much different than mountain railroading. Heís captured the look of hot, vast fields, slower paced rural living, poor but proud sharecroppers, and magnificent mansions of the antebellum South. You will learn how Allen uses styrofoam panels instead of plywood, plants fake fur weeds, weathers with tempra paints, kitbashes buildings, and details track with paint. The BCS is built on a few guiding principles: keep things simple, only detail what can be seen, find the essence of a scene, and know that you canít scratchbuild everything.
AKV-39 George Selliosí "Franklin & South Manchester" Part Three (VHS)

Here is the long-awaited Part 3 on George Selliosí Franklin & South Manchester, the worldís most famous model railroad! Our first two visits (Great Model Railroads, Vol. 2 and Vol. 24) concentrated on the original city of Manchester and the newer cities of Dovertown and Bedford Falls. In this installment we devote the majority of the video to the new areas of Franklin, Belverton, Chesterville and Beaver Meadow. Youíll see enough of the earlier towns to give you a feel for them, but the new scenes are so different from the old that they cry out for your attention. George is now doing smaller wood buildings in contrast to the earlier large brick canyons of Manchester and Dovertown. He has even created a logging operation in the wilderness section of the new area, and the whole layout has been greened out with lots of trees. The Franklin & South Manchester is a free-lanced line set in Massachusetts in 1935. Itís the most highly detailed layout ever built! This video will keep you watching to find things you missed on previous viewings. And talking about detail, George has now added many of his Fine Scale Miniature kits to the layout. You will enjoy seeing how George uses alcohol and Dullcote for weathering, makes corrugated metal look realistic, gives wood buildings his special touch and gets help building campfires. George has produced craftsman kits for 35 years and views the F&SM as the artistic palette for all that experience. This is a Great Model Railroad because of Georgeís ability to see and capture the meaning of a scene.
AKV-42 Bruce Carpenter's Burlington Northern Santa Fe (VHS)

Bruce Carpenter's Burlington Northern Santa Fe is big-time modern railroading on a grand scale. Bruce and his operating crew run up to 50 trains per operating session. In those trains they move between 800 and 900 cars across the railroad. This prototype inspired bridge route allows for maximum traffic density between Chicago and Stronghurst, Illinois. In addition to the BNSF, there is an appearance by the Belt Railway of Chicago shuttling between two of the four staging yards. Part of the operating fun is moving all trains through a four way interlocking plant. This type of crossing is common on the prototype but rarely seen on a model railroad because of the space it consumes. On the BNSF the crossing has a full time operator with his own control panel and is a great train watching spot. The HO scale BNSF is a free-lanced railroad based on an idealized prototype with industries designed to fit the interests of Bruce and his operating group. All factories and warehouses are large with sidings capable of holding multiple cars. The car card operating system that Bruce created allows him to share the layout with 7 other layout owners. Bruce will show you how to: use his card system, improve the operation of your diesels, add inexpensive details to your locomotives, and weather your engines with an airbrush. The BNSF is a Great Model Railroad because Bruce has created a heavily trafficked modern railroad the way he likes it with up to date rolling stock and locomotives.
AKV-44 Howard Zaneís Piermont Division Part 2 (VHS)

This is Part 2 of Howard Zaneís Piermont Division. This HO layout showcases Fifties era Appalachian railroading using equipment from the Clinchfield, Western Maryland, Chesapeake & Ohio and Norfolk & Western. Since we did Vol. 12 in 1992 Howard has increased the layout area by a factor of 4 to 2850 square feet. In this video we concentrate on all the new areas. Howard considers the Piermont to be a painting created with plaster, paper, foam, rocks and dirt where he can bring to life the fabled coal hauling roads of the east. The railroad features spectacular bridges, deep scenes and breathtaking vistas. Howardís whole life revolves around model railroading with the layout, a brass business and the Great Scale Train Shows taking up most of his waking hours. And if thatís not enough he even has plans to add 2,000 more square feet to the basement. Howard fell in love with steam as a child on the locomotive operated by his uncle. That experience has influenced his whole life including the building of this scenic masterpiece. All his efforts on this railroad are aimed at capturing that feeling of life in the Fifties when railroads and steam were kings. Howard will show you how to build a structure, color a steam locomotive boiler, build scenery without plaster and add a diorama to a layout. The Piermont Division is a Great Model Railroad because of Howardís artistic talents and because he is always happy to share his love of the hobby with others.
AKV-47 Lance Mindheimís Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville (Monon) (VHS)

Lance Mindheimís Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville or as itís usually known, the Monon, is an N scale layout that was built for reliable operation. Lance created this railroad as a way to remember his childhood and as a stage for full timetable and train order operating sessions. The 20x20 foot layout is based on 25 miles of track in Indiana in 1955. On line industries favor limestone mills and quarries along with team tracks and one major yard. Lance and his friends enjoy full operating sessions that last for up to 3 hours. To keep things fun Lance believes itís critical to take the time to get your trains to run reliably because without dependable operation everything else is futile. He also says his engines and cars have to be reliable too and that is now possible in N scale. The beautiful scenery on the Monon features a perfect setting of hills, realistic creeks and winter grass and trees. The painted backdrop makes the scenes seem even bigger. Weathering is skillfully used to enhance and create detail. As a custom layout builder, Lance will encourage you to get started building a layout. Donít wait to learn everything or youíll never get started. Lance will show you how to model a creek, paint a backdrop, make convincing grass and undergrowth and cast shale rip rap. The Monon is a Great Model Railroad because Lance believes in modeling the ordinary not the unusual, and because he uses weathering to bring out the details on his models.
AKV-50 Chuck Hitchcock's Argentine Industrial District Railway (VHS)

The Argentine Industrial District Railway of Chuck Hitchcock is his answer to the question "Is it possible to outgrow a famous 30 year old layout?" His former Santa Fe Argentine Division was famous as one of the first layouts to be operated in a prototype manner. Yet Chuck and his operators knew there had to be more. The Industrial District began as an idea ten years ago. Since he and his friends really enjoyed switching industries, he decided a layout could be built without a mainline. And so Chuck again became a pioneer in operation. The 54 x 26 foot HO railroad represents a Santa Fe line around Kansas City in 1963. All trains are operated within yard limits, and work without a dispatcher. This Fiftieth volume in the series is a return to Chuckís work that Allen first recorded 22 years earlier. In a way the work of preserving Great Model Railroads has come full circle. Many of the layouts in the series no longer exist except on video. Chuck has found that this new HO railroad has renewed his interest in the hobby, and made upkeep of the layout easier as he ages. He will show you how to lay track without spikes or nails, add signs to urban buildings, and create switch lists from waybills. The Argentine Industrial District Railway is a Great Model Railroad because Chuck has never been afraid to change things while seeking innovative solutions. The DVD version contains a special bonus look back at the original Argentine Division.
AKV-51 Ken McCorry's Conrail (VHS)

The Conrail layout of Ken McCorry is so big it takes a train 45 minutes to run its full length. The mainline of 25 scale miles occupies its own 3300 square foot barn. The steel mill takes up 300 square feet. With 5 decks the railroad is big. The bottom two decks represent staging. The top deck is a branchline, and the middle two decks are the visible parts of the railroad. Ken started building the HO layout in 1992. In 1996 he increased the size of his custom-built barn. He says this is the final addition and building this layout, that some have called the largest home layout in the world, has been a great deal of fun. The layout follows the route of the old Pennsylvania Railroad from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Buffalo, New York in 1980 and that means helpers on the 3% grade to Keating Summit. Ken has 175 locomotives and more than 2,000 pieces of rolling stock. Operating sessions require 17 operators and 3 dispatchers to keep things moving. Operating the railroad has become Kenís main interest in the hobby, but he also wants to finish all the scenery and install the remaining signals. He will show you how to cantilever your benchwork, make scenery with plaster gauze, build structures with gator foam, and use operating signals. The Conrail Railroad is a Great Model Railroad because Ken has created a layout on a grand scale that is easy to maintain and fun to operate.
AKV-52 Chuck Ellisí Great Northwestern and Pacific (VHS)

Chuck Ellisí Great Northwestern & Pacific was inspired by a love of the mountainous Pacific Northwest. Chuck has skillfully captured the look of gaping canyons that touch the floor and towering pinnacles with his masterful use of plaster and paint. His walkaround plan takes the viewer on a journey from Duluth, Minnesota to Seattle, Washington in the 1950s. The layout occupies 1500 square feet. This HO layout was designed by Chuck without the use of a formal trackplan. He simply built what he saw in his mind. He knew where he wanted mountains, towns and even a small narrow gauge line--all contribute to the overall scenic effect. Because the GN&P owns no equipment the line runs locomotives and cars from many different roads particularly the Great Northern. Chuck is a master builder of highly detailed structures. He attributes this interest to his family’s long history in the construction business. The railroad is full of fabulous craftsman kits. The layout has been expanded into adjacent areas since work began in 1991. Thirty years of trial and error allow Chuck the freedom to tear out what he doesnít like and then start over. Chuck will show you how to paint drivers, make river banks, create peeling paint, and build pine trees. The Great Northwestern & Pacific is a Great Model Railroad because Chuck has created the look and feel of a visit to the Pacific Northwest.

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